Morrissey describes bad reviews of his debut novel as ‘an attack against me as a human being’

Musician released 'List Of The Lost' earlier this year

Morrissey has responded to criticism of his debut novel, describing reviews of List Of The Lost as “an attack against me as a human being.”

List Of The Lost is the singer’s first effort at fiction after entering the literary world with his best-selling memoir Autobiography in October 2013.

The book tells the story of a relay team cursed by a demon. It has been criticised, in particular, for its poorly written sex scenes.


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Writing in an email interview with Chilean website (via The Guardian), Morrissey claimed that the response to the book was based more on the fact he wrote it than what he wrote.

“I strongly believe in freedom of expression and critics have to say what they have to say,” he stated. “But often the criticisms are an attack against me as a human being and have nothing to do with what they’re reading.”

Addressing critics directly, he added: “It wasn’t written for you. You cannot try to work out what you think the author should have written instead of what he actually wrote.”

Some reviews of the book went as far as to warn fans of Morrissey to not bother purchasing his work, another thing that annoyed him. “They [critics] want to start something that might bring them a bit of attention because they want it to be about them and their own personal taste. Nothing moves forwards in a world like this. If you ask the public not to buy the book you’ve given the book a level of attention which you don’t want.”

Earlier this year it was confirmed that List Of The Lost is being considered for this year’s Bad Sex In Fiction Award.


The Bad Sex In Fiction Award was launched in 1993 to “draw attention to the crude, tasteless, often perfunctory use of redundant passages of sexual description in the modern novel, and to discourage it”.

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