Nick Cave hints that third Grinderman album is coming

'Grinderman 2' was released back in 2010

Nick Cave has teased that his band Grinderman will return with a third album, almost a decade on since their last release.

The Bad Seeds singer-songwriter’s side project – formed in 2005 – released their first LP in 2007, with ‘Grinderman 2’ following three years later. Writing via his latest Red Hand Files post, Cave has now confirmed that the previous albums form “part of a yet to be completed trilogy”.

In the message, the Australian artist touched on collaborating with King Crimson and the guitarist Robert Fripp – who both worked on an extended version of the track ‘Heathen Child’ from the band’s second record. He claimed that the song is “Grinderman at their very best”, while saying that joining forces with Fripp “remains one of the seismic events of my life”.


“I felt as though Grinderman was laying claim to their roots,” he explained. “’Super Heathen Child’ continues to have an extraordinary hold over me, and contains within it a deep emotional pull because it is attached directly to my adolescence.

Nick Cave opens up about emotional Manchester show
Nick Cave performs live. Credit: Getty

“Listening to it, I have that strange dizzying feeling a dream has when it suddenly becomes a reality; all that deep concentrated listening I did when I was a teenager manifesting itself over 40 years later in a Fripp solo that just blows the mind.”

Nick Cave responded to fans’ calls for a Grinderman return last year, revealing that he and bandmate Warren Ellis “both thought the world needed [the group], considering its current emotional climate”.

After going their separate ways in 2011, Grinderman reunited for a performance at Coachella Festival 2013. Responding to criticism of the comeback online, Cave said: “Every other shitty band is doing it, why not someone who’s actually good.”


Back in January, Nick Cave confirmed that work was almost complete on his “amazing” new Bad Seeds album. “I’m very, very excited about it,” he said of the upcoming ‘Skeleton Tree’ follow-up.





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