Noel Gallagher takes aim at Liam and mocks ‘Once’ on Twitter

"It’s called 'Once' which is the exact amount of times it should be played"

Noel Gallagher has hit out at his brother Liam‘s new single ‘Once’, suggesting that it’s named after the amount of times it should be played.

Posting on Twitter, Noel said there was “nothing to see”, but couldn’t resist taking a predictable swipe at his brother’s new track.

“Nothing to see here dudes and dollies,” he wrote. “Silence is still golden… and just in case you weren’t already aware someone still has a new single out. I believe it’s called ‘Once’ which is the exact amount of times it should be played.”


Throwing fuel on the fire, he added: “It’s still available in all good record shops but mostly in the shit ones. Happy Sunday.”

It comes weeks after Noel was forced to deny Liam’s claims he had turned down a staggering £100m offer for an Oasis reunion tour.

Responding to his brother’s comments, he said: “To whoever might be arsed: I am not aware of any offer from anybody for any amount of money to reform the legendary Mancunian Rock’n’Roll group Oasis.

“I am fully aware though that someone has a single to promote so that’s maybe where the confusion lies.”


Last week, Liam won an NME Award for Best Music Film for his documentary As It Was, which charts his rise to solo superstardom.