Stray Kids unveil powerful music video for comeback single ‘Thunderous’

Their new full-length album 'NOEASY' is out now

K-pop boyband Stray Kids have released the music video for ‘Thunderous’, the title track of their new full-length album ‘NOEASY’.

The song was produced by 3RACHA, the hip-hop/music-producing trio within the group that comprises members Bang Chan, Chang-bin and Han. The trio previously revealed that they first produced the song’s hook first and used it as the “foundation”, subsequently building the rest of the track around the chorus.

“Thunderous / Thunderous (Ptui, Ptui, Ptui) / Thunderous / Man I’m not sorry, I’m dirty / Rumble snap crack Thunder (Barababam) / Riding on the clouds, tada (Barababam),” the boyband chant on the hook. Meanwhile, the music video incorporates animated segments with live-action scenes that take inspiration from South Korean culture.


‘NOEASY’, which is also out today (August 23), marks the group’s first comeback since being crowned the winners of the Mnet reality TV competition Kingdom: Legendary War. The record also also includes member Hyunjin, who returned to the group earlier this month after a lengthy hiatus.

Prior to the release of ‘NOEASY’, Stray Kids previewed several songs from the 14-track record through their ‘UNVEIL’ project. This included ‘Sorry, I Love You’‘Cheese’, Bang Chan and Hyun-jin’s ‘Red Lights’, Lee Know, Chang-bin and Felix’s ‘Surfin”, and ‘Gone Away’ by Han, Seung-min and I.N.

In other Stray Kids news, Ryan Reynolds recently met member Bang Chan for the first time during an interview for his recently released movie Free Guy. In light of the premiere of Free Guy in South Korean on August 11, Chan sat down with Reynolds to speak about the movie in a video for Naver TV.

“We finally meet! I’m so excited about this,” Reynolds said at the start of the interview. The duo had previous interacted on social media after the boyband paid homage to Reynolds’ 2016 film during a performance for the Mnet reality TV series Kingdom: Legendary WarThe actor added that it was “an honour and a privilege” to speak to the Bang Chan.

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