The Strokes open up on past tensions: “There was conflict and there was fear”

"We made records, but it wasn’t, you know, out of pure brotherly love and musical inspiration"

The Strokes have opened up about past conflicts, admitting that heightened tensions in the group were the reason why they didn’t tour 2013’s ‘Comedown Machine.’

In a new interview with The Guardian, frontman Julian Casablancas said the group “weren’t in harmony” at the time of the record’s release, as they eschewed all media opportunities and touring for the record.

“You know, maybe in a few years it really won’t matter and I’ll just say it…I could explain it, it’s not a big deal,” Casablancas said.


He also explained that they felt the “need to not be contractually bound” to a band that was now “limiting to our personal lives.”

“I guess it’s not that controversial, really. There was conflict and there was fear and we got through it and we made records, but it wasn’t, you know, out of pure brotherly love and musical inspiration,” said Casablancas.

In contrast, Casablancas now claims that the band have been rejuvenated by creating their upcoming sixth album ‘The New Abnormal’ and said it has left the group with “the possibility of something even better later”.

The Strokes live at The Roundhouse, London. Credit: Jenn Five/NME

“What we could do next excites me more than I have been excited in, I don’t know, our whole career,” he said.

The band will release ‘The New Abnormal’  on April 10.


Reviewing their comeback track ‘At The Door‘, NME wrote: “A mellow return from a band who never want to look like they’re trying too hard, ‘At The Door’ offers an intriguing teaser to where ‘The New Abnormal’ might be heading.

“Other new songs like ‘Ode To The Mets’ and ‘The Adults Are Talking’ may have the force and familiarity of the Strokes sound, but this suggests that a deeper, more satisfying journey is about to take place.”

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