Noel Gallagher hits back at “big daftie” Lewis Capaldi

Noel retorted after Capaldi said that being "slagged off" by the former Oasis guitarist was a "dream come true"

Noel Gallagher has hit back at “big daftie” Lewis Capaldi as the beef between the two musicians escalates – watch a Noel-posted video of his son mocking Capaldi’s music below.

The beef started on Saturday (June 15) as the High Flying Birds musician was being interviewed by Radio X at Manchester’s Heaton Park. Asked if there was a specific song from recent years that he wished he’d penned, Gallagher claimed that “music is fucking wank at the moment”.


“Who’s this Capaldi fella?” Noel said. “Who the fuck’s that idiot?”

In true Capaldi style, the Scottish singer subsequently took to Instagram Stories to respond. “Fucking c’mon!” he said in the clip, which sees him watching the Noel interview with sheer delight.

“Fucking peaked – slagged off by Noel Gallagher!” he told his followers. “Number 1 single – who gives a fuck? Number 1 album – who gives a fuck?” he added. “Noel Gallagher has just slagged me off. This is dreams coming true.

“It’s Father’s Day and I’m being slagged off by a man who’s old enough to be my dad, and I’ve never been more happy.”


After wishing Gallagher a happy Father’s Day, Capaldi filmed himself enjoying Oasis’ 2002 single ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’.

Noel has now responded to Capaldi’s jibes by calling him a “big daftie” in a tweet which features footage of his 11-year-old son mocking the Scottish musician’s song ‘Someone You Loved’.

“You might wanna try and find some joy in your tunes,” Noel wrote. “You’re destroying the youth.” See it below.

Following the success of his debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’, Capaldi is set to head out on a huge arena tour in 2020. Dates will take place in Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and Dublin, ahead of a performance at London’s SSE Arena Wembley.

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher has been criticised by his brother Liam for airing his thoughts on Brexit – despite not voting in the EU referendum.

“Nothing worse than the cunt who doesn’t vote then has an opinion on everything,” Liam said on Twitter.

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