Watch Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda create ‘Hybrid Theory’-style demo from home

As part of his 'CoronaJam' quarantine music sessions

Mike Shinoda has filmed himself creating “a ‘Hybrid Theory’-style demo” while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Linkin Park rapper, singer and guitarist shared the video via his Twitter on Wednesday (April 1) as part of his CoronaJam quarantine sessions, which see him guide viewers through ways to write and produce music.


“Today we’re gonna do a Hybrid Theory-style demo!” Shinoda says at the beginning of the stream before going on to explain the equipment he’s using in comparison to how the band used to record back in the day.

Later in the 84-minute video, Shinoda says he was looking to do “weird sound experiments” in his next livestream. “That would be fun. I guess the magic there too isn’t just finding the weird accidental sound; it’s hearing it and recognising, ‘Oh, that’s a cool sound, I like that sound,’ and then turning it into a song. That’s kinda the hardest part.”

The video was also made in continuation of the 20th anniversary celebrations of ‘Hybrid Theory’.

Linkin Park’s debut album was released in October 2000, and the band are marking the upcoming two-decade milestone with new content. Last week, Shinoda, bassist Dave Farrell and DJ/keyboardist Joe Hahn shared a live-stream of them reacting to previously unseen footage of one of their gigs filmed back in 1999.

The band have also asked people to send in “photos, videos, ticket stubs, merchandise, flyers, souvenirs” to help them accumulate memorabilia for the anniversary celebrations.