Watch Lucy Dacus perform from a couch due to herniated discs

Dacus is currently touring the US in support of her third album, ‘Home Video’

Prior to her headline show at Detroit’s Majestic Theatre last night (February 10), Lucy Dacus suffered two herniated discs. Rather than cancel the show, however, she performed the entire set while lying down on a couch.

She clued fans in on the situation just hours before the show begun, sharing a photo of herself lying down with the caption, “Sup, I have two herniated discs and the only way I’m not in pain is laying down SO tonight’s show I will be singing from a couch, I am both sorry and also pleased to offer this most humiliating and hilarious moment to you good people of Detroit.”

“I am telling myself I am punk for this,” she joked in a Tweet, to many responses agreeing earnestly.


Despite being forced to deviate from her usual performance style, Dacus gave the sold-out crowd a riveting performance, with her vocal skills as sharp as ever. Take a look at some fan-shot footage from the gig below:


Dacus is currently touring the US in support of her third album, ‘Home Video’, which landed last June via Matador and sported the singles ‘Thumbs’, ‘Hot & Heavy’, ‘VBS’’ and ‘Brando’.

In a four-star review, NME’s Rhian Daly said the record “transports us with gawky, awkward vignettes from [Dacus’] youth” while simultaneously “mov[ing] us forward into a new chapter in her musicality”.

‘Home Video’ was followed up earlier this month with a new single titled ‘Kissing Lessons’. Dacus teased the song – which was made during the recording sessions for ‘Home Video’ – with a hotline spotted by eagle-eyed fans on flyers scattered around US cities.

Dacus also shared plans to release ‘Kissing Lessons’ and ‘Thumbs Again’ – a reworked version of the’‘Home Video’ single, with added electric guitar, synth, and drums to better replicate her live performance – as a seven-inch vinyl on June 3. The physical copies of the single are available for pre-order here.

Elsewhere, last November saw Dacus reunite with Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker for their first performance together as Boygenius in three years.