Poppy: ‘Robots are going to take over the world’

"Surrender to them before it's too late"

Poppy has discussed how her latest single ‘Time Is Up’ arose from her fears around how “robots are going to take over the world”.

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Taken from her upcoming second album ‘Am I Girl’, the track originated from a beat by producer Diplo before U-Turn added some production. Inspired by a conversation about the rise of artificial intelligence, Youtube sensation and singer-songwriter Poppy then penned lyrics about mankind’s dystopian future.

“The message behind ‘Time Is Up’ is that robots are starting to take over the world, and we should be aware of it because they’re already walking among us,” Poppy told NME. “We only have a short amount of time before they take over. You should surrender to them before it’s too late because they’ll probably try to kill us.”

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Meanwhile, the star told NME to expect ‘Am I A Girl’ to feature “a little bit of Kate Bush and French influence.

“There are some collaborations that I’m very excited about too,” she continued. “I’m doing a song with Grimes and with Diplo as well. The songs are very, very different from each other but very excited. I wish you could hear that right now.”She also described ‘Time Is Up’ as being “very futuristic sounding” and discussed working with Diplo.

“Diplo brought his dance beats,” she said. “I wanted to work with Diplo for a long time. I know I released my first album with him but, for this one, he was a big part of it. He’s a very nice guy and hard worker.”

Of the two songs she did with Grimes, she added: “One song is about destroying things, and the other song is about power. That’s all I can say.”

Poppy releases ‘Am I A Girl’ on October 31.