Finn Wolfhard has given up on learning to drive after failing his test twice

"I'm just having my friends drive me around"

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard has revealed that he’s given up trying to learn to drive after failing his test twice.

The teenager was appearing on Live with Kelly and Ryan this Wednesday (January 15) when he made the admission.

As well as discussing the upcoming fourth season of Stranger Things (which he confirmed begins filming early this year), Wolfhard revealed his struggles with trying to pass his driving test.


“I took my written test and I failed it twice because I’m an actor, I guess, and dumb,” he said. “And then I just got so mad at myself that I just didn’t do it again.”

Wolfhard then revealed that he is getting around the issue by just asking his friends to drive him around. “I don’t pay them but I probably should start paying them,” he said. “It’s kind of ridiculous.” Watch the full interview below.

In other news, while the actor’s band Calpurnia broke up at the end of 2019, he’s already announced the formation of a new group.

The Aubreys made their formation announcement last November, revealing that they’re set to feature on the soundtrack to new film The Turning (out January 24), which stars Wolfhard alongside Black Mirror’s Mackenzie Davis.


The band officially released their debut song, ‘Getting Better (Otherwise)’, earlier this week.