‘The OA’ season 3 will be “entirely different” according to Jason Isaacs: “They don’t want to bore the audience”

Season two recently arrived on Netflix

The OA season three will be “entirely different” to the episodes that have come before, according to one of its stars.

The second season of the mystery drama arrived on Netflix last month (March 22), revealing what happened to the OA (Brit Marling) after she was shot during a school shooting at the end of season one’s finale.

Speaking to IndieWire, Jason Isaacs, who plays villainous doctor Hunter Aloysius “Hap” Percy in the series, mused on the future of the show. “If you think about what happened in season two, the noir-ish tech thriller aspect of it, one thing’s for sure, they’re never gonna repeat themselves,” he said.


“It’s not like The Fast And The Furious. You don’t add a road a couple more cars. It’s likely to be something entirely different.

“Season one and season two in many ways couldn’t be more different. And I have no doubt they’ll do the same, because they don’t bore themselves, or they don’t want to bore the audience.”

Meanwhile, last year, fans thought they’d figured out who the mysterious shooter at the end of season one was. While only a brief glimpse of the shooter’s face is shown, a Reddit user reckoned they had worked out who played the attacker. Their guess was Blake Holland, who is credited on IMDB.com as assistant to director and writer Zal Batmanglij.

The fan posted a video of half of Holland’s face, which he had shared on Instagram, noting the similarity between them and the shooter’s face.