‘The Walking Dead’: Norman Reedus reveals the name he’d like to give Dog

Very sentimental

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus has spoken about his desire to give his character’s dog a name.

Reedus, who portrays Daryl Dixon in the hit AMC series, has a strong bond with his pet in The Walking Dead who is simply called Dog. The surviver decided to call his dog that in a bid to avoid becoming too emotionally attached to him.

Now, Reedus has said that it might be time to give Dog a different name. Speaking at New York Comic Con over the weekend the actor suggested Dog could be named after Daryl’s late brother Merle.


“I love that dog. Merle, maybe. Probably Merle,” Reedus said [via Comicbook.com]. “Daryl would like that, ‘Come here, Merle! Come here!'”

The Walking Dead
Daryl in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10

The Walking Dead fans will remember that Daryl’s brother was killed by the Governor in season 3 after initially being an ally and a soldier for the tyrant. Renaming Dog after of his brother would therefore hold major significance.

A few years back Reedus asked the show’s producers to incorporate a dog in Daryl’s story to help him deal with the loss of his best friend Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who is presumed to have died in season 9.

Season 9-present showrunner Angela Kang told Entertainment Weekly last year about Reedus’ request.

“So we were talking about, how can we show the state that Daryl’s in? And I thought that it would be great that he’s been off for a while after Rick’s presumed death. Daryl just went off,” Kang said of Daryl’s self-exile as a lone woodsman.


“And Daryl is somebody who hunts and goes about and does things, and it seemed like a dog is a good companion. It shows that there’s still a desire for him to have a connection somehow. And so the dog is his faithful companion. In my mind, there’s also a story behind where that dog came from. And so that’s how we ended up with a dog.”

Kang added that Reedus in fact chose the dog featured in the show.

“Norman wanted to help pick the type of dog, so he kept texting me pictures of adorable dogs for weeks,” she said. “And the two dogs that play the dog are great. The main dog, his name is Seven, and he is just so adorable and such a great dog. So it’s a lot of fun seeing Norman work with the pup finally,” she said.

Meanwhile, season 11 of The Walking Dead has been confirmed. Season 10 premieres in the UK tonight (October 7) at 9pm on FOX.


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