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‘Minecraft’ player makes a functional car without using mods

The 'Minecraft' car uses Redstone and a Command Block to take the driver wherever they need to go

‘Minecraft’ devs to tackle irresponsible NFTs in gaming

"If this issue matters to you, sign on to make your voice heard"

Team of ‘Minecraft’ players recreate ‘The Simpsons’ hometown Springfield

"We have a passion for making immersive worlds, filled with wonderful details and worlds to discover," say creators

‘Minecraft’ could be getting ray tracing on Xbox Series X|S consoles soon

A 'Minecraft' player has found a way to test ray tracing on Xbox Series X|S consoles

Thousands of ‘Minecraft’ players team up to build life-sized New York

Fans have spent the last two years recreating New York City in 'Minecraft', with more work yet to be done

Russian teen jailed for trying to blow up government building in ‘Minecraft’

One teen has been sentenced to five years in a penal colony

‘Minecraft’ tournament DDoS attack takes down Andorra’s internet

A reward has been offered for finding those responsible