Handheld PC OneXPlayer may get Steam Deck software in the future

The OneXPlayer team is reportedly "working on" shipping the device with a build of SteamOS

Steam Deck‘s SteamOS Proton software could come to other portable PC devices in the future, such as the OneXPlayer.

As reported by PC Gamer, the OneXPlayer – a portable touchscreen gaming PC – currently runs Windows as its primary software, while Valve‘s Steam Deck run a version of Linux called SteamOS, which uses something called Proton to get the games to run on the device.

However, according to an interview with WePC, OneXPlayer is looking for a Linux-based solution in the future, with SteamOS seeming to be a possibility.


Steam Deck
Steam Deck. Credit: Valve

The VP of OneXPlayer, Jason Zeng said, “Steam Deck is a very influential product that has managed to leverage its accumulated assets and bring [the] public’s attention to the field of portable gaming.”

“We sincerely congratulate Steam Deck for its achievements, and will keep working on our competitive edges.”

Zeng also mentioned that the team has been “working on” shipping the OneXPlayer device with a build of Linux or SteamOS in the future.

Valve recently added a new feature to the Steam Deck that allows players to provide feedback on games that are verified to work on the platform. After finishing a game on the handheld device, players may be prompted with a question once they finish playing a game on their Steam Deck, asking if they would like to provide feedback. The publisher intends to use the players’ feedback to improve the quality of the titles on the device.


A recent investigation revealed that the Steam Deck‘s battery life reportedly only lasts 93 minutes after playing Elden Ring. This length of time depends on whether the player has their brightness set to 50 per cent, with dynamic brightness disabled and Airplane Mode off. On the other hand, God Of War made the battery deplete after only 89 minutes.

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