This ‘Elden Ring’ mod lets you summon your favourite NPCs and bosses

And transform them into close companions

A new Elden Ring mod allows you to turn your favourite NPCs and bosses into summonable companions.

The mod, called NPCs and Bosses Spirit Summons, also lets you tweak the range of areas where you can summon a spirit so that they become Skyrim-style companions rather than occasional allies (via PC Gamer).

Other tweaks have also been made so companions appear more normal, such as rebalancing their powers and behaviours, and disabling the ‘summon glow’. While you might obviously expect characters like Melina, Sellen, Millicent, Ranni, or Blaidd to be compansion material, the mod also lets you summon bosses like Morgott, the Omen King to watch your back.


You can find the mod available to download and install through Nexus Mods.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware

Players are still finding weird and varied secrets in Elden Ring. Notable dataminer Lance McDonald uncovered a cut non-player character (NPC) questline in the game located at the Stormhill Shack.

“Elden Ring is a glowing spectacle of achievement. A refined open-world format adds unimagined wonder to the game, whilst legacy dungeons will likely go down as some of From Software’s best level design,” wrote Andy Brown in NME’s five-star review of the game.

But some people are less impressed. Nic Reuben found the game’s design “formulaic” which brings down what he argues is “From Software’s best lore.”

“In contrast to Dark Souls‘ and Bloodborne‘s first death, Elden Ring’s first death is a fine mechanical teacher, but it feels like going through the motions, as if Soulsborne is a waiter exhausted from reading off the same set menu,” wrote Reuben.


In other modding news, a new gameplay trailer for the Fallout 4 mod, Fallout: London, has been released and it looks spectacular. The 19-minute showcase ends with the player making their way out of the facility and through a tube station, eventually finding their way outside and getting on a train.