Parkway Drive return with roaring new single ‘Glitch’

The band themselves describe it as “a dark, heavy, and unnerving journey”

Parkway Drive have returned with their first new music in over four years: a grisly, riff-laden anthem titled ‘Glitch’.

In a press release, the band aptly described it as “a dark, heavy, and unnerving journey”, pillared by their signature soundscape of thrashing, cymbal-heavy drum fills, Winston McCall’s biting vocal, and duelling guitars that bound from clean and soaring to brash and distorted.

Lyrically, the band explained in their statement, ‘Glitch’ addresses “the phenomenon of night terrors and sleep paralysis”. They continued: “We all know the power our minds possess, but true terror manifests when your mind and all its fears takes physical control of your body. The glitch in your brain, where nightmares and reality cross.”


Have a look at the accompanying music video for ‘Glitch’ below:

Though unconfirmed, it’s likely that ‘Glitch’ will appear on Parkway Drive’s upcoming seventh album. In an interview with BLUNT last November, McCall teased that the band had been “working [their] asses off” on the record, and described it as “the most honest album that [Parkway Drive had] ever written”. They released their sixth album, ‘Reverence’, in 2018.

The new single also marks Parkway Drive’s first fully independent release, launching their new Parkway Records imprint. They’d been signed to Resist Records and Epitaph since 2003, releasing all six of their studio albums – as well as their 2020 live album, ‘Viva The Underdogs’, and three documentaries – through the joint agreement.

Back in April, Parkway Drive cancelled a 22-date North American tour – which was slated to kick off the following month – due to the “toll” that “the relentless nature of being in this band” had taken on them. “We feel the limit has been reached and we don’t want to fuck this up,” the band wrote, noting that, through a short hiatus, they aimed “to grow and return stronger for what is yet to come”.

In a subsequent post shared last month, Parkway Drive clarified that they’re “here to stay”. They further explained: “Having toured non-stop for 17 years, the shut down was a major challenge. While we set our minds on other creative paths, we also gained a greater perspective of the impact this band has had on us. Mental health is an ever present issue within our society and we are no exception.


“As touring started back up, we found ourselves at a crossroads. Continue down the same path, risk more damage and more than likely destroy the band and ourselves, or take the time needed to do the work on ourselves and heal. We are doing the work and know that ultimately, this was the correct choice. Thank you again for your understanding. At the end of the day, we are all just humans doing the best we can.”