‘Deathloop’ is “coming soon” to the Epic Games Store

It follows a timed-exclusivity window

After only being available on PS5 and PC following its release in September, it looks like Deathloop will soon be available via the Epic Games Store.

According to a listing on the store, Deathloop is “coming soon” to the platform.

Despite the fact Microsoft purchased Deathloop‘s publisher Bethesda Softworks in 2020, they still have a timed exclusivity deal with Sony. The timed exclusivity agreement for consoles is set to last a year. It was reported that Deathloop’s exclusivity would expire on September 14 2022. However the new “coming soon” on the Epic Games Store suggests a shorter exclusivity window.


Shortly before the release of Deathloop, Jason Kelley, the voice of protagonist Colt Vahn, took to Twitter to express how excited he was for fans to play the game. In the video post, Kelley also mentioned that if “anyone can get me a copy and a PlayStation 5, I would appreciate it”. Following that plea, Microsoft sent him the console so he could play the game.

Arkane Lyon‘s studio director Romuald Capron stepped down from the studio after more than 16 years of working there, following the successful release of Deathloop. Dinga Bakaba has been announced as his replacement.

In a review of the game, NME said: “It’s tricky to pin down Deathloop’s genre because it pulls from so many, weaving them together carefully into a refreshing hybrid. Soulslikes, Stealth games, Immersive Simulators, and Roguelikes are a few game design schools that hold influence.”

“You’re an assassin but you’re also an archaeologist and a detective in Deathloop, so figuring out the history of this place and getting inside the mind of each of the game’s bosses is a crucial part of the experience.”


The shortlist for The Game Awards was revealed yesterday (November 16) with Deathloop nominated for Game Of The Year and Best Narrative.

The ceremony takes place December 9 and voting is open now.