‘Apex Legends’ disconnect problems may not be fixed soon

Apex problems could be around a little longer

Respawn has said that problems with disconnecting in Apex Legends may remain until a September 22 patch fixes them.

Apex Legends has been suffering from server issues, which Respawn has confirmed by noting that it’s seeing three times the average rate of disconnection errors. This information came after an attempt to fix the problem. Apex Legends servers have been struggling since September 14.

Respawn posted a tweet that said, “Despite improvements today, we’re still seeing roughly three times the normal rate of disconnect errors in @PlayApex, and a full return to normal may take until our next planned patch on Sept 22.”


“We’ll extend the current ranked split by one week—that update will go live Monday.”

The increased ranked split will give players more time to grind out their competitive levels before they get reset.

The problems began when Apex Legends began its Evolution event that added new cosmetic skins. The update also introduced significant changes to Rampart. Her ultimate still creates a minigun, but it can now be carried and fired on the move. To balance this, the weapon has less ammo when taken. The minigun can still be deployed as usual and behaves the same as it did before.

Respawn was originally going to include a nerf to tap-strafing to prevent players from using the movement system to gain an advantage in combat. Respawn then tweeted, saying, “Movement is sacred in Apex. We weigh every change to these systems carefully and value feedback.”

“After further testing, we’ve concluded we need to take more time to get this right to make sure related movement mechanics aren’t caught in the cross-fire.”


The changes won’t be coming to Apex Legends any time soon but will be on the way eventually.

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