‘Battlefield 2042’ satisfaction surveys aim to find out what needs improving

Players are being asked what's gone wrong for the franchise

EA has been issuing Battlefield 2042 players with satisfaction surveys via email in a bid to gain feedback on how to improve the game.

Spotted by The Loadout, the satisfaction surveys were sent out shortly after EA announced plans for a “connected Battlefield universe”. It asks players whether they would recommend or discourage friends from playing, and also asks for feedback about mostly every aspect of the game.

The survey looks at areas such as the increased 128-player count, map sizes, weapon balancing, and destructibility. In all, 24 separate features are listed.


Another section is also devoted entirely to Battlefield 2042‘s specialists. EA is also looking at the community side of things, as ne section asks about how much toxicity or cheating players have experienced. Finally, questions are asked about EA Play too.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA.

Battlefield 2042 has had a difficult launch so far. Last week, it experienced server issues following a recent update patch. The update that caused the problem fixed over 300 issues – a hefty patch by any game’s standards.

In NME’s review of Battlefield 2042, we called it a “huge misstep for the Battlefield franchise” and described it as feeling “like a chore”.

Recently, EA has tried to make amends with an announcement of a new map – Exposure – arriving next year. EA said it would take “map design to a whole new level”.

However, recent plans for a Santa style skin were less than popular by players so it’s unlikely to actually emerge now. Respawn’s Vince Zampella is now at the helm of the Battlefield franchise so changes could be afoot for the game in future.


Elsewhere in gaming news, Fortnite is finally being upgraded to Unreal Engine 5 alongside a new map in the form of Chapter 3, Season 1. The upgrade was initially planned for mid-2021.

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