‘Dying Light 2’ patch fixes death loop glitch on PlayStation

Not that death loop

The latest patch for Dying Light 2 is available now on PlayStation consoles, and fixes the death loop glitch that players were suffering from.

The patch for Dying Light 2 dropped yesterday (February 22), with developer Techland confirming the various fixes on Twitter.

The update fixes an issue where players would get stuck in a loop of constantly dying. The glitch would occur whenever a player died in a restricted area, but would then respawn in a different section of the map, and be unable to get back before time runs out. And so they would die again, and be transported back to the respawn location. This bug had already been fixed on PC, but the patch has only just landed for PlayStation users.


In a followup tweet, Techland said that it will “inform you about the upcoming Xbox patch as soon as possible.”

Also included in the patch is a new backup save system. This new system “allows you to roll back your progress (including your inventory) to the last working story save point.” This is likely due to the fact the death loop glitch more or less broke saves in Dying Light 2.

Techland also added improvements related to stability too.

Other fixes include audio issues on the PS4 version of Dying Light 2, and fast travel has now been fixed, as there were issues with it once the main story had been finished.

Dying Light 2 combat screenshot
Dying Light 2. Credit: Techland


Dying Light 2 has had a number of issues since it launched. Overwhelming demand broke the servers upon release, meaning co-op didn’t work for some players.

In NMEs review of the game, we said that “a production hamstrung by constant delays and shifts in key personnel has delivered a joyless game that lacks the spirit of exploration of its predecessor and strips out a lot of the joy.”

In other news, Nintendo has delayed the Minecraft Steve and Alex Amiibos to sometime later in 2022.

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