‘Escape From Tarkov’ update makes the Scav karma system fairer

In a recent hotfix, Battlestate Games has addressed issues with the Scav karma system.

After receiving player feedback regarding the new Scav karma system added to Escape From Tarkov, Battlestate Games has implemented hotfixes that aim to address issues with balance and fairness.

After introducing patch 12.11 to servers last Wednesday (June 30), Battlestate Games is working to stabilize certain features included in the update. The main changes have been directed toward the Scav karma system, a new addition to the game which was intended to make player-controlled Scav raids feel more consequential.

As noted on Twitter, the first changes – implemented on July 2 – should fix instances where player-controlled Scavs were losing reputation with the Fence for defending themselves against attacking players.


Similarly, player-controlled Scavs will no longer be penalized for defending against enemy raiders.

Scav karma is a system introduced in 12.11, which rewards players with Fence reputation if they remain peaceful toward other Scavs during their Scav runs.

As detailed in the initial patch notes, Fence reputation will affect things like “Player-Scav cooldown, scavbox “craft” time, amount of exfils for the player-Scav, car extract fee, player-controlled Scav kit, and the prices when selling items to Fence.”

Battlestate Games has also implemented various other micro-updates in response to feedback regarding recent changes this wipe. This includes making several quest-essential keys – such as the Tarcone Director’s office key – available as barter trades with the Therapist.

This means that changes to the Flea Market – which can now only be accessed at level 20 – should not have as much of an impact on quest progression. The Therapist now also sells a Lucky Scav Junkbox at loyalty level 1, which addresses storage space issues caused by the Flea Market changes.


The latest Escape From Tarkov patch also added a new boss to Factory, weapon malfunctions and more. 

In other news, The Greatest Penguin Heist Of All Time is allowing players to conduct a range of difficult heists while playing as a penguin.