‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.2 to introduce new dungeons, quests and Island Sanctuary

Buried Memory is due for release later this month

Square Enix has shared details about the latest patch for Final Fantasy 14, with 6.2 set to introduce new dungeons, quests and the Island Sanctuary mode – check out the trailer below.

The Buried Memory patch is set for release later in August and will feature the new dungeon The Fell Court Of Troia.

“Having uncovered the voidgate in the undersea treasure vault, you now seek to use it to travel to the Thirteenth. Beyond the emptiness of the rift awaits a shadowed castle swarming with voidsent, and you steel yourselves for a hostile reception,” reads the description in the patch notes.


The 6.2 patch will also bring with it  new high-end raid Pandæmonium: Abyssos, and a new main scenario quest, Buried Memory.

According to the patch notes, “five millennia ago, the great wyrm Azdaja vanished into the void, and for long years Vrtra had despaired of being reunited with his dear sister. With the encouragement of his people, however, he has found the resolve to search for her, and sets forth with the Warrior of Light for a world engulfed in Darkness.”

The new patch will also introduce the long-awaited Island Sanctuary mode. Similar to Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, Island Sanctuary is “an island paradise abundant with wildlife, where crops may be sown and minions let to roam. What will you learn in nature’s embrace─and what will you create from this newfound inspiration? Make ready to set sail, for your hideaway awaits!”

Earlier this year, it was confirmed players will be able to invite each other to their respective islands.

You can check out the complete patch notes, which detail new crafting recipes, main scenario revisions and new trials here.


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