‘Final Fantasy 14’ player creates browser-based raid simulator

Time to get some practice in?

Final Fantasy 14 players will now be able to practice their raids and mechanical skills outside of the real thing, as XIVsim – an intricate browser-based raid simulator – has just launched.

Following a beta period, PCGamesN has spotted that XIVsim.com has launched fully. Taking to Reddit, creator Appropriate_Bit2021 explains the site “allows you and your friends/static members to practice various mechanics of FF14”.

To do so, players just open the website, request a server, and share the generated link with their friends so they can join the same session.


Players can pick from any role – with several sub-classes each – when loading a simulated raid, and 16 timelines are currently available. The release of XIVsim brings “the ability to pause at any time and discuss, or automatically pause on a death along with a much improved engine and netcode”.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Credit: Square Enix

Even in beta, XIVsim proved a popular tool for the Final Fantasy 14 community. Over 15,000 players took to the site pre-release and played over 40,000 duties. The launch of XIVsim has seemingly fuelled this popularity, as Appropriate_Bit2021 has apologised for longer queue times caused by “really high traffic on the tool”.

Servers are hosted in Germany, however the site notes that it is currently looking to expand to both North America and Japan.

Some players may need the extra help learning to raid, as last month Square Enix banned paid dungeon carries from the MMO. Advertising the practice is now on the prohibited behaviour list.

On the other hand, Square Enix has confirmed that “erotic roleplay” is not against the rules, provided it’s “with a consenting group of two or more players” in private.


In other news, details for Xbox’s 20th anniversary celebration stream have been revealed. Next Monday (November 15), Xbox will celebrate its birthday with a stream at 6PM.

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