‘GTA Online’ update adds a shotgun-wielding, bullet resistant Terminator

It can't be bargained with

Rockstar‘s Los Santos Tuners update to GTA Online – the multiplayer mode for GTA V – has brought a basket full of Easter eggs for fans to hunt down, with references to Terminator, Initial D and more included.

The update, which came out last week, added cars like the Annis Euros, Dinka RT3000 and Vapid Dominator GTT – but it also added a bunch of Easter eggs to find.

One mission added to GTA Online, called Access Point, is laden with Terminator-themed Easter eggs. The mission involves stealing a stunt ramp from a film set, and there are a few familiar faces waiting for the player when they arrive. This includes NPC lookalikes for James Cameron, Sarah Connor and a very powerful Terminator NPC.


While the first two just bear a resemblance to their inspirations, the Terminator actor goes one step further and has similar traits to an actual Terminator. This includes proficiency with a very-real shotgun and the ability to soak up a hail of bullets without dying.

Unfortunately for the player, the Terminator will defend the stunt ramp with his life. In the video displaying the Easter egg below, the Terminator repeatedly gets back up after being seemingly killed.

As noted in the video, the movie set will sometimes be located in a storm drain instead of the usual studio. It will also be full of motorcycles and trucks, which is a reference to a scene from Terminator 2.

As part of the E.C.U. job, there’s a chance that players will be able to find an Alien Egg inside a container. As the video above notes, if one of the containers is housing the extraterrestrial egg, it will tellingly lack any sort of serial code.

These aren’t the only Easter eggs added to GTA Online – as the update is heavily car-themed, there are plenty of references to popular street racing anime Initial D.


This includes a “Delivery Boy” cosmetic change for the Futo GTX car, which changes the car’s badge name to Tofu – in reference to main character Takumi Fujiwara’s day job as a delivery driver for a tofu shop. The default rims on the Futo GTX are also named Fujiwara, named after the same character.

The significant GTA Online update also added multiple new cars, missions and more.

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