Here is the first ten minutes of the ‘Bloodborne’ PS1 demake

Fear the old blood

The developer of the Bloodborne PS1 demake has shared a look of the first ten minutes of the game.

Lilith Walther, creator of Bloodborne PSX, uploaded a video that shows the game from the very beginning, including a replication of the iconic PS1 boot-up screen and the game’s title screen.

While less gory and action-packed than footage previously shared, including a fight with Father Gascoigne, the clip shows how the demake has faithfully replicated the original PS4 exclusive.


Starting with the player character being given blood ministration shown from the first-person perspective, the clip also shows the demake’s character creator, featuring many of the same stats.

Bloodborne PSX however does deviate slightly, as the footage only shows the player inside the Iosefka’s Clinic, and they’re seen traversing a ladder and beams not in the original game. Nonetheless, it reproduces the moment when the player is attacked and killed by a beast and awakens in the Hunter’s Dream hub, where the doll is located.

Walther also tweeted a thread breaking down some of the different elements seen in the video, including adding an ‘adventure game’ style camera for investigating the abandoned doll, explaining, “this is the players first impression of her and she’s too low resolution when viewed from the default camera,” adding they might reuse the camera for other investigative moments in the game.

Bloodborne PSX has been a project of the solo developer since 2017 when they first starting posted videos. After sharing more progress videos earlier this year, Walther said that experienced Bloodborne hunters will find that the overall playtime for the final game “will be double that on a casual play through”.


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