‘Minecraft’ 1.18.1 update fixes disappearing bees

Not the bees!

The next Minecraft update aims to fix those pesky bees and stop them from accidentally despawning.

As noted by PCGamesN, the Mojang bug tracker was noting that bees would sometimes despawn when the world was reloaded. With the priority listed as “important”, the bug description says the bees “are enclosed and so have not wandered off. The bees were a mix of bees spawned on tree growth and bees that were bred from those.  They did not disappear when logging off/on, so I think it was due to distance of >128 blocks from player. Bees are not in spawn chunks.”

A mod for the bugs site said that “most disappearances of bees appear to be linked to the fact that the bees have bee hives / nests near them that they can jump into.”


Minecraft. Credit: Mojang Studios

This issue has now been fixed with update 1.18.1 to Minecraft, alongside decreasing the amount of Diamond Ore distribution on the bedrock Edition to match the Java Edition as well.

If you fancy giving the flora of Minecraft you absolutely can, as a new mod gives plants a much requested 3D makeover, so they’re no longer the 2D images sliced together.

Modder Dark Storm’s “Nature Revamp” pack replaces everything with 3D block versions of plants, and the PC mod pack can be found here. This is a subtle and yet effective change, as it helps to really bring the whole of Minecraft together to support its own aesthetic.

In other news, famous lasagna-eating cat Garfield is coming to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, and he’s one of two free DLC characters to come to the platform fighter. Garfield launches tomorrow (December 9) on all platforms apart from the Nintendo Switch, where he’ll be coming later in the month according to the developer.