‘Minecraft’ releases frogs for the first time

Take your frog to the moon and court ... oh wait wrong game

Mojang announced at its Minecraft Live event that frogs will be introduced to Minecraft as part of ‘The Wild’ update.

The latest update will introduce the Mangrove Swamp biome and all the creatures which live within it. This includes frogs which will evolve from tadpoles just like they do in real life. The tadpoles will grow up into different types depending on where you re-home them.


Tadpoles can be picked up in buckets and transported to different biomes. A tadpole which evolves in a cold biome will develop into a dark green, snowy frog for example. They are the first cold-blooded animal in Minecraft which evolve based on the location they change form in.

A tadpole which evolves in a hot biome will develop into the grey tropical frog. Minecraft Players will have to wait a little longer though to find out what each frog can provide. Mojang also announced that they have not yet decided what each type of frog will do or drop, but that they wanted each kind of frog to drop something different.

The new type of biome will also be all new mangrove trees which can create tunnels like in real life, and come with a new wood type to be used. Also added are fireflies which the frogs will be able to eat.

In other news, following the news that the Kingdom Hearts series will be available as playable on Nintendo Switch via the cloud, the producer Ichiro Hazama said it is currently “undecided” whether they will receive native ports.