Modernised ‘Panda’ GameCube controller made available on Kickstarter

It's not as cute as a real Panda, but it's probably better at playing 'Super Smash Bros'

Panda, a modernised GameCube controller, is currently available to back on Kickstarter, and has already annihilated its initial goal.

The Panda controller has been designed by Panda Hardware in conjunction with GearHawk Studio. Its aim is to provide a modern and upgraded GameCube controller that can be used on the original hardware as well as other systems via USB.

The stylish controller looks just like the original controller, but with a white and black exterior, just like a panda. It’s possible to choose one that’s predominantly white or one that’s primarily black, depending on your tastes.


Each controller has the typical GameCube style look and button layout along with additional buttons, custom length triggers, and a more tactile d-pad. The controller costs about £67 ($90) with the option to add on extra features such as a change of shell colour. It’s also possible to purchase a Bluetooth expansion pack for using it wirelessly with PC or Nintendo Switch. A weight pack can also be bought for players who prefer a weightier device than usual.

Advanced features on all controllers include the ability to reset and calibrate your stick parameters at a touch of a button, remove buttons when you want, as well as switch the shoulder button signals between analog and digital to suit your needs. It’s complex stuff but ideally suited for more serious players.

The idea comes from a collaboration between Panda and GearHawk Studio. Panda is an esports brand that’s been around for more than half a decade. GearHawk Studio previously held a successful Kickstarter campaign for its Ultimate GameCube adapter.

While all Kickstarter campaigns have an element of risk when backing, both companies have some experience in the field. Currently, controllers are planned to ship in December 2022. The campaign has until December 31 to run.


In other gaming news, EA has sent out satisfaction surveys to Battlefield 2042 players to see what improvements need to be made.

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