‘MultiVersus’ Xbox ad reveals Black Adam and ‘Gremlins’ fighters

Keep him out of the light

MultiVersus will be getting Black Adam and Gremlins’ Stripe, according to new leaks. Some players have reported seeing a promotional image including the two upcoming characters on the Xbox Store.

As you can see from the tweets below, several players have posted videos showing the new promotional image that was briefly displayed front and centre on the Xbox Store. It clearly shows DC’s Black Adam, as well as Stripe (or Mohawk) from Gremlins.


This image certainly looks legit, with the two character designs being very much in-line with MultiVersus’ aesthetic. There’s also the fact that multiple videos of the image being live have been posted on Twitter.

At the time of writing, WB Games has not commented on the leak, but given just how many different sources there seem to be, it’s safe to say that these two characters are indeed coming to MultiVersus at some point in the future.

Black Adam and Stripe have yet to be officially revealed for MultiVersus, with the only two confirmed fighters on the way being Rick and Morty. Morty arrives August 23 as part of Season One. This new batch of content includes a fresh battle pass, new modes and more.

Not everything will launch at once however, with new content set to be released gradually. We currently do not have a release date for Rick, but do know he is arriving in Season One.

In other gaming news, 343 Industries‘ senior community manager has listed some of the struggles of making modern games in a recent Twitter post. The list is broken down into nine key points, including the large amount of effort that needs to go into visuals, online play, all of the platforms that need to be supported, laws and regulations, and more.

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