‘Project IGI’ remade in ‘Far Cry 5’ while fans wait for the prequel

IGI Origins was announced earlier in the year, but this might keep you going

Far Cry 5’s Arcade level editor is now home to a remake of spy games Project IGI and IGI 2: Covert Strike.

A fan of both games going by the name, GregorOnline, on YouTube has uploaded the full maps of each game, totalling 33 missions. Despite not being quite as hard as the original games, given Far Cry 5’s different combat style, the levels have been painstakingly reproduced.


GregorOnline appears to also be making Max Payne and Resident Evil levels in Far Cry 5 Arcade.

Project IGI was a tactical FPS game for the PC made by Innerloop Studios and published by Square Enix in 2000. It received one sequel and has recently been announced for a prequel, although no further details have been released.

It was recently announced that Far Cry 6 would not launch with a level editor, meaning Far Cry 5 Arcade may be the last of its type in the franchise.

Previous games remade by fans in the Far Cry 5 Arcade include Hotline Miami and GoldenEye 007, the latter of which caused some controversy.

A three-year project to complete the GoldenEye 007 map was met by copyright infringement claims and subsequently deleted. The map has since returned under the name “Golden Cry”.

Another remake of Goldeneye 007 was also taken down this year. A cancelled but complete remake for Xbox 360 was leaked and shared online at the end of January 2021.


Fans do not limit themselves to video game remakes, however, as one Far Cry 5 player recently created a branch of the UK bakery chain Greggs in the game. Edinburgh-based Mojo Swoptops, a mapper who previously created a block of Scottish flats in the game, released a video in June showing the creation.

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