‘Skyrim: Anniversary Edition’ is adding a new quest – inspired by ‘Oblivion’

It isn't just FISHING!

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is adding some new creation club content to the game, which includes quests referencing Morrowind and Oblivion.

Bethesda released a video earlier today (October 29), which is embedded below, and it shows off all the new additions coming to Skyrim: Anniversary Edition.


The Oblivion-inspired quest is called The Cause and sees the Dragonborn pitted against the Mythic Dawn, the cult from Oblivion. This time they’re trying to open yet another Oblivion gate, and the quest itself features new locations, weapons, and a conjurable Daedric horse.

Another new piece of content is the Ghosts of the Tribunal questline, which rewards players with dozens of armour and weapon combinations inspired by Morrowind. The previously released Saints & Seducers and Rare Curios add-ons will also be in the game, alongside the previously announced fishing content.

This new edition marking the game’s tenth anniversary will also come with all the creation club content for Skyrim, including pets, new quests, weapons, armour sets, and so much more.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition
Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Credit: Bethesda

Survival mode is a new feature as well, and it’s very reminiscent of the hardcore mode from Fallout: New Vegas. Players will need to contend with hunger, exhaustion, and even freezing to death, all whilst focusing on how they will need to sleep, get warm by the fire, and scavenge for food.

If you want to give Skyrim a go in board game form, you now can, as the official board game based on the game will start crowdfunding next month.


Skyrim: Anniversary Edition launches on November 11 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5.

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