‘The Last Of Us Part II’ director on runtime criticism: “We wanted to make it this long”

“It might be too long for certain people, but it’s this long because that was our call”

Neil Druckmann, the director of The Last of Us Part II has acknowledged and addressed the criticisms that the recently released game’s runtime is too long.

In a recent podcast episode with Troy Baker – who voices Joel Miller in the game – the two reminisce about how certain scenes in the game were improvised and added in at the last minute, which prompted Druckmann to clear the air on the topic.

Check out the episode below. For the aforementioned segment, skip to the one hour mark.


Druckmann says that he’s seen comments online of the game being too long, with some people speculating that the company’s marketing team interjected their own visions onto the game in order to drive sales.

“I’ve seen someone – fuck, I’m gonna get in trouble for this – I don’t care. Someone recently said ‘games are too long’ and part of their thread they’re saying like, ‘it’s because marketing wants to say how big games are and that’s how they’re gonna sell the game’,” he said.

“In my 16-year career at Naughty Dog marketing has never – not once – given us a creative note to say ‘this should be in the game, or the game should be this long, or this short, or have this feature’,” Druckman added. “The game is this long because we wanted to make it this long. It might be too long for certain people, but it’s this long because that was our call.”

The Last Of Us Part II has received number of accolades since it was released a month ago. The game was recently named the fastest selling PS4 exclusive of all-time, as well as June’s most downloaded game on the PS4 globally.


The Last Of Us Part II is currently available exclusively on PS4.

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