The new ‘PUBG’ map features a volcano, will be “dynamic”

Paramo joins the battle royale later this month

PUBG Corp has released a slew of teasers for Paramo, a new “dynamic” map that will be introduced to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds when Season 9 launches later this month.

The developer first previewed the upcoming map on Twitter with a series of teasers that showcased an ever-changing landscape, as well as an active volcano. “One new map, thousands of possibilities. PUBG’s first dynamic map, Paramo, is coming soon,” it wrote.

A 40-second cinematic trailer was later released. It captures a player being dropped into the battlefield as the volcano erupts, transforming the map from a vibrant grassland to a dark dystopian wasteland.


Watch the teaser for Paramo below.

Paramo is expected to arrive on October 21, alongside the launch for PUBG Season 9, before being released for consoles a week later on October 29. It’s the first new map since Karakin, which was released in January alongside Season 6.

Season 7 of PUBG, which arrived in April, featured an overhaul of the game’s fourth map, Vikendi. The revamped map features a new railway system, updated climate options and substantially less snow. Meanwhile, Season 8 launched in July.

Last month, PUBG was available for free on the PlayStation 4 for all PlayStation Plus subscribers, alongside Street Fighter V. This month, subscribers of the service have access to Need For Speed: Payback and Vampyr.


Earlier this year, PUBG Corp released an update for PUBG that finally added ranked mode to the game, alongside bots. Like Ranked systems found on other similar games, the mode will “increase or decrease [a player’s rank] after each match based on their performance”.

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