Chances are, you’ve been singing the lyrics to Blink 182’s ‘What’s My Age Again’ wrong all this time

What's the line, again?

A number of Blink-182 fans have been stunned by the realisation they’ve been singing the incorrect lyrics to one of the band’s biggest hits, thanks to a tweet from Mark Hoppus.

Over the weekend, the musician tweeted in reference to the opening line of ‘What’s My Age Again’, posting: “Due to personal reasons I will be wearing cologne to get the feeling right.”

While some followers responded with the likes of “Then will you turn on the tv?” and “But it’s not even Friday night”, others were made aware that they have been mishearing the line since 1999.


One fan replied: “No no no …’you walked alone to get the feeling right’. How can you forget your own lyrics, man?!”. In disbelief, another commented: “Sorry but you’re actually gonna walk alone to get to feeling right.” See more reactions below.


Responding to the confusion he’d caused, Hoppus said: “Science fact: if you thought the lyrics were ‘I WALK ALONE to get the feeling right,’ you are a Fake Fan.”

Unsurprisingly, the follow-up post added even more fuel to the comments section – with one user telling Hoppus he should have “enunciated properly” when recording the song.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Mark Hoppus and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz once created a TV show together. According to Hoppus, the pair worked on a kids series together, called Bronze Blue. They pitched it to the Nickelodeon and Disney Channel networks back in 2010, but neither commissioned the project.

Hoppus has also teamed up with All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth to form a new band, Simple Creatures. They shared the single ‘Drug’ last month and will drop their first EP in March.

In other news, Blink drummer Travis Scott recently joined forces with Halsey and Yungblud on the collaborative track ’11 Minutes’.