Incubus divide fans after asking them to name their favourite album

So, what's your favourite Incubus album?

Incubus have caused a bit of a divide amongst their fans after asking them to name their favourite album from the band’s back catalogue.

It all started with one little question: “Favorite incubus record? GO!” After that, pandemonium broke out online as fans of the Californian rock band battled it out over which of the band’s albums was in fact the best in their opinion.


Formed in 1991, the band, led by singer Brandon Boyd, have released a total of eight studio albums.

Their first, 1995’s ‘Fungus Amongus’, was followed by ‘S.C.I.E.N.C.E.’ (1997), ‘Make Yourself’ (1999), ‘Morning View’ (2001), ‘A Crow Left of the Murder…’ (2004), ‘Light Grenades’ (2006), ‘If Not Now, When?’ (2011), and 2017’s ‘8’, the band’s most recent full-length release.

“Science. Clearly. Anyone else is wrong,” one fan replied to the band’s call to action, while elsewhere someone argued that it was “Morning fucking View. Hands down.” Another fan agreed, stating that ‘Morning View’ had helped them “through severe depression,” but that “Make Yourself comes in close second.”


One fan even went as far as to list the band’s entire back catalogue in order of how they felt about them:

Have a look through some of the other responses below:

Meanwhile, watch as Incubus reference The Cars in their performance of ‘Drive’ on a recent performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The band stopped by the late night US chat show to promote the upcoming 20th anniversary tour of their breakthrough album, ‘Make Yourself’.