Logic’s next project will be a sequel to his 2014 debut album ‘Under Pressure’

‘Under Pressure 2’ is imminent

There’s no rest for Logic: The Maryland rapper has confirmed that his next LP will be a follow-up to his 2014 debut album, ‘Under Pressure’. 

During a recent appearance on Tiny Meat Gang Podcast, Logic shared news about his upcoming projects, including a new album that’s already in the works. According to the rapper, his newest offering will be a return to his roots and quite personal, though he did not confirm its official title and release date.

“It talks a lot about really dope shit,” Logic said of the record. “It’s very hip-hop and very dope, but not like my album Young Sinatra 4, which is kinda boom-bap hip-hop. This one is more modern hip-hop.”


He added, “I’m talking about a lot of shit. I’m talking about life, things I’ve gone through and having a child. All types of stuff.”

Logic also previewed a new song from the album titled ‘No Right Now’, which is produced by the rapper’s longtime collaborator 6ix. Check out a snippet of the track in the Tiny Meat Gang Podcast interview below:

2019 has been a busy year for Logic: In March, the rapper teamed up with Mac DeMarco to produce the soundtrack to his debut novel Supermarket, and later followed up with his fifth studio album, ‘Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind’.

Logic’s latest record features ‘Homicide’, a collaboration with Eminem, and ‘Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different’, his joint effort with Will Smith.