‘Rick & Morty’ creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland defend divisive ‘Game of Thrones’ ending

"I wanted to keep this soap opera in my life."

Rick & Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have defended the Game of Thrones finale, after it proved extremely divisive among fans.

The final episode of the HBO fantasy epic aired last month and delivered an ending which prompted thousands of fans to call for the entire season to be remade.

While cast members such as Sophie Turner and Jacob Anderson have defended Bran Stark’s eventual rise to power, it seems that some of the show’s biggest fans were pleased with the finale too.

Roiland and Harmon, who are known to be huge fans of the show, have said that they were “amazed” by what show-runners Dan Weiss and David Benioff achieved.

“I was afraid to watch it for a while because I didn’t want it to end,” Harmon told EW.

“I wanted to keep this soap opera in my life. But I knew it had to end, and I was as satisfied as I possibly could be watching a staple in my life wrap up and all of the characters taking each other out.”

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

Hitting out at the petition which called for season 8 to be remade, he said: “As a showrunner, I was amazed at the amount they were able to accomplish — especially given the meta-reality of having run out of books to adapt.

“I was aware of the disappointment factor with [Daenerys Targaryen’s] dark turn. I’m not going to say fans are too cynical and ungrateful, but I guess I did just say that.”

Roiland, meanwhile, hailed the huge cultural impact of the show. He said: “There’s not going to be another show that big.

“I shouldn’t say that because there’s always something potentially looming around the corner. But that show was a phenomenon. It was insanely big. Everybody was watching it.”

Meanwhile, the fourth season of Rick & Morty will arrive later this year.