Stand Atlantic link up with Royal & The Serpent for new single ‘Pity Party’

The band also announced their forthcoming third album, 'F.E.A.R.'

Stand Atlantic have joined forces with New Jersey indie-pop artist Royal & The Serpent (aka Ryan Santiago) to release a punchy new single titled ‘Pity Party’.

Building on the former band’s jaunty, riff-driven pop-punk sound with digitised beats and shimmery, glitch-flourished production, the track immediately stands out in Stand Atlantic’s catalogue. Santiago steals the show with her guest verse, adding bright, bubblegum pop-esque levity to the otherwise venomous cut.

“This song fully rocks,” Santiago said in a press release shared today (January 14). “It was a 100 per cent yes when I first heard it. I loved getting to be a part of this one. Blast it loud, roll the windows down, and scream your face off for a certified good time.”


Have a listen to ‘Pity Party’ below:

Speaking to the track’s fiercely honest themes, Stand Atlantic frontwoman Bonnie Fraser said: “It seems everyday someone is inviting you to their ‘pity party’ – hoping you will enable or put a band-aid on them. Sometimes you gotta cut people like this out of your life as they will drag you down and it’s not until you let them go that you realise what kind of hold they may have had on you.”

‘Pity Party’ comes as our third taste of Stand Atlantic’s forthcoming third album, ‘F.E.A.R.’ (short for ‘Fuck Everything And Run’), announced today and set for release on May 6 via Hopeless Records. Fraser described it as “an anti-concept album”, noting that she and the band endeavoured to deliver “a ‘fuck you’ to the conventional bullshit Hollywood-style story that musicians tell you fell out of their ass”.

Fraser goes on to assert that neither she, nor Stand Atlantic as a whole, should be idolised: “If you think I am a creative or a visionary, I am not. I refuse to be immortalised as anything other than a collection of erratic, irrational, and oxygen-starved emotions I wrote on a page just to be able to breathe.”

The band first teased ‘F.E.A.R.’ last April with the genre-bending single ‘Deathwish’ (featuring US emo-trap artist Nothing,Nowhere.) with a string-inflected remix following in July. November saw them drop ‘Molotov [OK]’, which marked their first foray into a more hardcore-influenced style.


2021 also came with a couple of one-off collaborations for Stand Atlantic – first in September, when they linked up with Birds Of Tokyo for ‘Superglue’, then in December with the Mokita collab ‘I’m Sorry’.

‘F.E.A.R.’ is the follow-up to Stand Atlantic’s 2020 album ‘Pink Elephant’. In a four-star review, NME’s Ali Shutler said: “Stand Atlantic have always stood at the more progressive end of the genre – and with ‘Pink Elephant’, they’ve really taken the lead in pushing things forward. Interesting, excitable and with a wicked sense of self, the album is full of big choruses and bigger dreams as the band wear their hearts on their sleeve and chase the thrill of the new.”

Take a look at the tracklisting and cover art for ‘F.E.A.R.’ below:

1. Doomsday
2. Pity Party (ft. Royal & The Serpent)
3. Van Gogh
4. Dumb
5. Hair Out
6. Deathwish (ft. Nothing,Nowhere.)
7. Switchblade
8. Nails From The Back
9. Bloodclot
10. Don’t Talk [To Me]
11. XO
12. Cabin Fever (ft. my literal mum)
13. Molotov [OK]
14. I Wonder What Kind Of Garlic Bread They Serve At MENSA

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