Popular ‘Valheim’ VR mod now supports motion controls – includes ability to wave

Finally, you can truly become a VRking

A popular Valheim mod that supports VR headsets now has motion control support, after its initial release back in April of this year.

VHVR allows players to play Valheim with “native Open VR support in full stereoscopic 3D”, according to the mod page on Nexus Mods. The mod supports motion controls for Oculus Touch and Valve index, with Vive bindings usable but currently untested.

It also adds motion tracking to multiplayer, meaning you can “wave hello at your friends”. VHVR supports motion controlled melee combat and bow and arrow controls, among plenty other features.


Created by Brandon Mousseau and Maddy25, VHVR requires players have ‘BepInExPack Valheim’ installed along with a head-mounted display that supports OpenVR/SteamVR. Players will also need harmony, with both of these tools available on the mod page.

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Iron Gate Studio

VHVR will continue to be worked on, with player feedback integral to making improvements. The post adds: “Valheim is currently an early access game, so there is a high probability that patches will be released for the game that break this mod. Please be patient as fixes are worked on and feel free to report any issues you find”.

Some of the most recent updates include correct weapon rotation in hand, improvement on quick switching items, and the ability to use a motion laser pointer to split inventory stacks.

Valheim exploded in popularity on PC earlier this year when the Iron Gate game came to Steam, with the game hitting 6million players back in March of this year.


In other news, an animated TV show based off Final Fantasy IX is reportedly in the works, as the CEO of Cyber Group Studios says they have signed with Square Enix and will convert the game into a children’s show.

The studio will apparently put together a project bible and pitch the series to broadcasters in the next few months. Production is expected to start in late-2021 or early-2022.