‘Ready Or Not’ dev splits with publisher Team17

The announcement came just hours after a developer said 'Ready Or Not' will have a school shooting level

Ready Or Not developer Void Interactive has announced that it will part ways with the game’s publisher Team17.

In a tweet posted yesterday (December 20), the developer shared that “Void Interactive and Team17 have mutually agreed that Team17 will no longer publish Ready Or Not“.

“We are confident that this is the right path for the future of Ready Or Not,” adds Void Interactive before thanking Team17 for its work.


In a follow-up tweet, Void Interactive shared the following remark on the future:

“We would also like to reassure everyone that we are committed to our vision of Ready Or Not as a hardcore tactical shooter. We are continually scanning player feedback and will be rolling out frequent patches/updates over the coming weeks and months.”

The developer has also confirmed on Twitter that the decision “will have no major impact on our team’s ability to keep working on the game”.

Although the developer notes that “we cannot say much more about the split,” many fans have speculated that it could be due to the comments of one Void Interactive dev yesterday (December 20) on the subject of a school shooting level.

When one player asked if Ready Or Not should “have a school shooting mission in the campaign”, a Void Interactive developer answered: “You better believe it’s gonna”.


Although there’s no confirmation that creative differences are to blame for Void Interactive and Team17 going separate ways, the announcement came just hours after plans for a school shooting level were confirmed.

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