Sega seems to be teasing a new RPG for mobile platforms

"An RPG made up of scenes. A smartphone. You choose the ending."

Sega has launched a teaser site for an upcoming RPG game, which seems to be a mobile game based on the translated voiceover.

A teaser site with the link ‘’ is now live, showcasing a teaser trailer that shows fantasy artwork being drawn and brought to life in colour. As spotted (and translated) by VCG, the voiceover mentions “an RPG made up of scenes. A smartphone. You choose the ending”, suggesting that the upcoming game will be for mobile platforms.


Like the visuals in the trailer, the narrator seems to focus on pen-and-paper RPG systems:

“Before computer games were born, the first role-playing games were made with pen and paper. The performance and the story were up to you, and each player was free to create their own global battles. It was up to you. A story is not something you read, but an experience you have only once. [There] was excitement and freedom then. Retrieve it.”

The trailer suggests that the unannounced game will hand players the reins to make their own decisions in the game, though specific details are vague as of yet.

The game will be revealed during Sega’s slot at Toyko Game Show 2021, which will be presented at 2PM on October 1. Earlier in the week (September 16) Sega confirmed that it is “planning to announce ‘Sega’s new Rpg'” during the show.

Sega will be sharing it’s time on stage with Atlus, and will be revealing “information on the latest titles” of both studios.


In other news, Deltarune Chapter 2, a follow-up game to Undertale, is now available for free on Steam and Described as “the next adventure in the Undertale series”, fans can expect the same fight-or-spare encounters with a host of new and familiar faces.