Twitch stream keys have been reset due to security breach

The streaming platform says this has been done "out of an abundance of caution"

Following the security breach earlier this week (October 6), Twitch has announced that it has reset all users’ stream keys “out of an abundance of caution”.

Twitch had contacted its users yesterday (October 7) to alert them of the update, although the information can also be found on an official blog post.

A stream key is required by streamers in order to set up their streaming software, such as Streamlabs OBS or Wirecast, to Twitch.


According to Business Insider, a Twitch stream key lets the software know where to send a video to, and most streaming apps require this before recording.

Image: Anatolii Babii / Alamy Stock Photo

Many popular games that have Twitch integration also allows users to enter their stream key to connect the game to their account, unlocking new features and modes, such as the Crowd Choice extension integrated into Life Is Strange: True Colors.

Twitch’s statement explained that some users will need to manually update their software with a new key before they start their next stream. Twitch Studio, Streamlabs, Xbox, PlayStation and Twitch Mobile App users should not need to take any action with their new key, but OBS users who have not connected their Twitch account to OBS will need to manually copy their stream key from their Twitch Dashboard and paste it into OBS.

Twitch had previously confirmed that the data leak was a result of a “malicious third party”, although the anonymous hacker claimed that they were intending to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space” because “their community is a disgusting toxic cesspool”.


The leak occurred the same day that UK regulator Ofcom set out new guidelines that video-sharing platforms like Twitch, as well as TikTok and Snapchat, must take to protect their users from harmful content. Breach of guidelines will result in fines or even a suspension of the service in serious cases.

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