‘Warzone’ afflicted by numerous crashes and stability issues

Raven is working on its many problems right now

The latest Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific update has caused a series of issues for players including crashing and stability woes.

Reported by VGC and including a series of videos gleaned from Twitter, Warzone Season 1 has been suffering from some significant issues since launching yesterday (Wednesday December 8). The update saw Warzone’s launch map replaced with Caldera, a Pacific island that’s been highly anticipated in recent weeks.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard players have exclusive access to it until later today but it’s been plagued with issues so far. Developer Raven Software is currently working on the matter. It’s even gone so far as to set up a Trello board to monitor recent reports.


The most common issue so far is that players are encountering “artifacting” or visual inconsistencies on weapons and operator models. Some weapons have taken on jagged appearances to the point that they can obstruct the player’s vision substantially.

Other players have found problems with the game getting stuck in an update loop although Raven has found a workaround for now. Many others are experiencing stability issues with the game crashing frequently on all platforms.

The huge patch was set to be a more positive shake up for the game. It introduced anti-cheat measures for PC users, besides the new island. New WW2-themed vehicles were also added along with 40 new weapons and over 12 more operators.

The attack helicopter has also been reintroduced after it was removed twice in the past for causing an invisibility glitch.

Recently, Raven Software employees staged a walkout in protest of recent QA layoffs at the studio. Last week, more than a third of its QA testers were let go due to a restructuring of the department.


While Warzone is suffering from some issues right now, streamer Dr Disrespect has spoken positively of the game. He revealed that he thinks Caldera might be the thing that saves the game, calling the map “beautiful”.