‘Warzone’ patch notes introduce new anti-cheat and ‘Vanguard’ content

The season one patch for 'Warzone' is a huge shake up for the game

Warzone season one patch notes have been released, revealing heaps of new content arriving with the Caldera map.

Raven Software has released patch notes for the latest update to Warzone. The biggest addition in the season one patch is the new map called Caldera, which takes players to duke it out on a tropical Pacific island.

Warzone has also rolled out a kernel-level anti-cheat driver for PC, which will “activate first in the Asia-Pacific region before expanding worldwide”.


Notably, the season one patch also adds plenty of new content brought in from Vanguard. This includes over 40 new weapons, fresh cosmetics, and over 12 more operators.

As well as Caldera, the patch will also introduce several WW2-themed vehicles – the fighter plane, utility truck, and squad transport – to the game. Earlier in the week, Raven Software showcased a new dogfighting mechanic that utilises the fighter planes. Players on the ground will be able to combat these fighter pilots with newly-added anti-aircraft guns, which can be found fixed to the ground or mounted on the back of some utility trucks.

In terms of balance changes, there’s not too much to see in this patch – though the notes clarify that “a balance patch will be released shortly after launch that will include considerable changes from weapons from all 3 chapters”.

These balance changes are comprised of nerfs to six melee weapons – the Ballistic Knife, Battle Axe, Cane, Kali Sticks, Mace and Sai.

The Warzone patch will be 44.7GB on the PS4 and PS5, while it will be slightly lower at 41.2GB on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Meanwhile, PC players can expect a 37.8 GB patch – though that rockets up to 69.1 GB if patching both Warzone and Modern Warfare.


Fans can view the full patch notes for more details on what’s changing with the Warzone season one patch.

In other news, Activision Blizzard workers will conduct a walkout to express solidarity with Raven Software, after a third of its quality assurance testers were fired earlier in the month.

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