Zack Snyder is working on a ‘Rebel Moon’ role-playing game

The game will feature the "completely realised universe" of Snyder's upcoming sci-fi film

Film director Zack Snyder has revealed that he is working on a role-playing game (RPG) adaptation of his upcoming Netflix film Rebel Moon.

Speaking to The Nerd Queens (timestamped here), Snyder revealed that he is working on an RPG set in the Rebel Moon universe.

“This RPG that we’re doing is just […] So immersive, so intense and so huge,” teased Snyder.


The director revealed that he had “always wanted to do an RPG” and was asked about tackling the game as either a smaller-scale or “ridiculous scale” project.

Synder added that the latter was “clearly the scale” he wanted to pursue, and revealed the game will have a “completely realised universe” from Rebel Moon.

Though Snyder was warned of the world-building work he would be required to do for the larger-scale project, he said that he was happy to do it.

Despite revealing its existence, Snyder remained relatively tight-lipped on the Rebel Moon game and said “there’s more coming” in the future. “It’s gonna be really fun — anyway, I’m not supposed to be talking about this!”

Snyder’s upcoming sci-fi film Rebel Moon is set to arrive on Netflix this December, and will tell the story of a “peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy” making a stand against “the armies of a tyrannical regent named Balisarius”.


In 2021, Snyder said that he hopes a “massive IP and a universe can be built” from Rebel Moon‘s debut.

Last November, Netflix Games Studio revealed that it was working on a AAA third-person role-playing game at its studio headed by former Overwatch producer Chacko Sonny.

It’s possible that Snyder’s Rebel Moon game and Sonny’s untitled RPG are the same project. NME has reached out to Netflix for comment.

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