Watch Billie Eilish reflect on her skyrocketing success in the same interview for third year running

She's come a long way since 2017

Billie Eilish‘s skyrocketing success has been tracked by the singer taking part in the same interview three years in a row. Check out the video below.

The ‘Bad Guy’ star, who released her debut album ‘When We All Fall Asleep…’ earlier this year, has enjoyed a huge rise in popularity in 2019 following the arrival of her first full-length. Last month, she announced a UK arena tour for 2020 – which has now completely sold out.

In the latest in a series of annual chats with Vanity Fair, Eilish reflects on just how far she’s come as an artist. Answering the same questions in 2017, 2018, and 2019, the singer talks about how her Instagram followers have jumped from 257,000 to 40.7 million over the course of the three years.


Elsewhere, Eilish highlights how she’s grown more confident since starting out at 15 years old. “I was definitely not as confident last year as I was before that,” she says. “But I’m for sure a billion times more confident than both of those years. I feel like I’m probably the most confident I’ve ever been in my life.”

Eilish also talks about the biggest moments of her career so far, which she says include selling out her upcoming arena tour and appearing as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live. In 2018’s video, Eilish said that being featured as Apple Music’s ‘Up Next’ artist was a highlight – as was appearing on Ellen and playing “so many festivals”.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish at the American Music Awards 2019 (Credit: Getty)

Answering whether she viewed herself as being successful, the 2018 Eilish said: “I guess?” In this year’s clip, the star responds to this with a laugh. “I am definitely successful,” she says.

“Back then, I thought it was like the biggest it was ever gonna be,” she adds. “And I thought it was the most I was ever gonna be recognised and it was the most anyone was gonna know me, and it was the most money that I would have…”


Billie Eilish, meanwhile, performed recent single ‘All The Good Girls Go To Hell’ as she made her debut appearance at the American Music Awards earlier this week.

In other news, her brother and collaborator Finneas has teased that the singer’s second album will see her heading in an “experimental” new direction. “I think if you’re not trying to change things a little bit, you’re not evolving,” he said of working on LP2.




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