Billie Eilish thought everyone would “hate” her biggest songs

She's hitting the road for her 'Where Do We Go?’ arena tour next year

Billie Eilish has admitted that she thought fans would hate two of her biggest hits – ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘When The Party’s Over’.

Both tracks are taken from her chart topping debut album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’

“I don’t know what people want anymore,” she told The Howard Stern Show in a clip you can watch below. “Because I thought that everyone would hate ‘Bad Guy’ and that everyone would hate ‘When the Party’s Over.’ I don’t know what to expect now.”


Eilish also said she has mixed feelings about becoming famous at such a young age.

“Because it happened when I was 13, there’s a part of me that feels I did miss being a teenager, like I didn’t get to be a [normal] teenager,” she said. “I get more and more grateful for it happening that young because I feel like, if it had happened later, people would be able to dig up dirt from when I was that age. If this hadn’t happened at that age, I would have been doing some reckless shit.”

The singer also shared footage of unreleased Elliott Smith cover ‘Let Get Lost’ on the show.

Earlier this week, she teamed up with Woody Harrelson for her SNL debut.

The first episode of the popular NBC comedy series’ 45th season saw Eilish perform ‘Bad Guy’ inside a small rotating set that made it appear as if she was walking on walls and dancing on the ceiling.


She is set to hit the road for her ‘Where Do We Go?’ arena tour next year, teaming up with non-profit eco organisation Reverb.

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