Serj Tankian wants to share unreleased System Of A Down music

Will we ever hear a new album?

Serj Tankian has said that he wants to share System Of A Down‘s unreleased material with fans.

The band, who are set to embark on a European tour next year, released their last album ‘Mesmerize’/‘Hypnotize’ back in 2005.

Though they’ve been in the studio on a number of occasions since going on hiatus in 2011, no new music from the group has emerged. In 2018, Tankian and co. attempted to work on an LP but were plagued by creative differences.


System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian. Credit: Getty

The band’s frontman has now revealed that he’s been made aware of a recent petition which calls on the band to unveil their unheard tracks. He explained that he’s keen on the idea but suggested his bandmates aren’t so sure.

“For the unreleased Soad songs?” he said in response to a fan on his Patreon page.

He added: “Yes. I’m all for it. Convince everyone else.”

Back in August, Shavo Odadjian said that System had some “really great” ideas down for new a new full-length but cited “creative differences” for the ongoing delay.


He claimed that the band “would have never stopped” if it was up to him, and could be on their “ninth or tenth record” by now.

“In my world, man, why it isn’t happening is a big question,” said Odadjian. “I think we can get over anything, ’cause it’s not like someone’s done anything so horrible that we can’t get over it. It ain’t anything like that. It’s just creative differences that are lasting a little too long for me, for my taste.”

Elsewhere, guitarist and songwriter Daron Malakian said that the band “don’t see eye to eye” with Tankian over his creative vision.

Despite these struggles, System Of A Down are set to return to the UK next summer for a headline performance at Download Festival. They’ll top the bill alongside KISS and Iron Maiden.