Taylor Swift gets real on honest new song, ‘The Archer’

‘Lover’ is out next month

Taylor Swift’s upcoming album ‘Lover’ is just a month away and the pop star has shared a brand-new cut from the record: ‘The Archer’. 

Released just a day after the singer hinted at a new song, ‘The Archer’ goes on a completely different route in comparison to her earlier ‘Lover’ singles. While ‘Me!’ and ‘You Need to Calm Down’ boast saccharine melodies and catchy hooks, Swift’s new song is delicate and dreamy in the same minimalistic vein of the ‘Red’ fan favourite, ‘All Too Well’. 

Produced and co-written by Swift’s frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff, the song exposes the singer’s insecurities. “I’ve been the archer, I’ve been the prey/ Who could ever leave me, darling/ But who could stay?” she sings on the chorus. Check it out here:


On an Instagram Live session yesterday (July 23), Swift explained that ‘The Archer’ won’t be her next single from ‘Lover’. “It’s just a song I love on the album. I haven’t made a video for it or anything. This is just sort of a glimpse into another side of the album I wanted to show you,” she said. 

The pop star also shared her enthusiasm over her recent MTV Video Music Awards nominations, which included Video of the Year for ‘You Need to Calm Down’. Swift is also up for the Song of the Year award alongside Drake and Ariana Grande. “I just am so happy and grateful. I’m so happy this is happening with this music, and ‘You Need to Calm Down’ was the most unbelievable experience to get to make with people you love so much. I’m so proud of it,” the singer added.

Last week, Swift was among the big names who appeared in the first trailer for the film adaptation of Cats — the preview of which raised plenty of eyebrows online.

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