Ted Nugent calls out Bruce Springsteen for “supporting communists”

The controversial right-wing rocker labelled The Boss "a dirtbag" in a recent interview

Ted Nugent has shared his thoughts on Bruce Springsteen, labelling the ‘Born In The U.S.A.’ icon “a dirtbag”.

Springsteen is a staunch Democrat whose attitude towards politics has been chiefly about depicting social conflicts, understanding the economically disadvantaged, and standing up for injustice.

In 2020, he narrated a campaign advertisement for then presidential hopeful Joe Biden, and once Biden was committed to office The Boss performed ‘Land Of Hope And Dreams’ as part of a TV special honouring Biden’s inauguration. He also started a podcast last year with former US president Barack Obama.


Speaking in a recent interview, Nugent, a controversial right-wing rocker, talked about how different he and Springsteen are in terms of ideologies and their political views.

“You couldn’t get further apart ideologically, politically, or truth logic and common sense wise than me, and Bruce Springsteen, but here I’ll show a little love for Bruce,” Nugent told That Jamieson Show.

“Number one, I’ve been able to perform on the Conan show with the E-Street band, which is one of the greatest joys in my life. I’ve always been surrounded by the best musicians, that’s a perfect example. We played ‘Jenny Take A Ride’ by Mitch Ryder, and Max and the guys performed it with unbelievable accuracy, perfection, and soulfulness.”

He continued: “So, I give them that salute for having that quality of virtuosos that deliver his music and instead of going after Bruce for being a dirtbag and supporting communists like Biden and Obama. People that ruined the quality of life, especially for minorities. How he can’t see that, I don’t know. But, I would like to be right here live on that Jameson show with my friends Jim and Don to salute Bruce Springsteen because he always supported Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.”

He then went on to say that if he were to bump into Springsteen, he wouldn’t let Mike Tyson punch him – this in relation to a previous comment Nugent made about how he would hire boxer Mike Tyson to punch those who disagreed with his ideas – but instead just send him on his way because he respects his musical integrity.


“If I met Bruce, I wouldn’t punch him,” Nugent explained. “I always have Mike Tyson with me, and I’d give him a hundred bucks to punch assholes, and I wouldn’t have Mike punch him. I would say, ‘Mike take a minute off, go, find another asshole to punch.’ But I’m gonna say, ‘Thank you’ to Bruce Springsteen because we share the reverence and admiration for musical integrity and enthusiasm.”

“You have to admit, Bruce’s career is based on his musical heart and soul,” he continued. “The delivery and the content of his lyrics I don’t abide by most of the time. I love the reference to the Dust Bowl in ‘Joad,’ but I would thank him for his enriching lives with powerful music. I wouldn’t go into his communist predilections. I also thank him for doing a 9/11 tribute. He’s also got some great spirit.” You can see the interview in full above.

The controversial rocker has been in the news a lot this past year. Earlier this month, he criticised Joan Jett’s inclusion on a list of the 100 greatest guitarists, while last month he blasted the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame for inducting Grandmaster Flash, Madonna and others.

In June, he backed the baseless conspiracy theory that January’s riot at the US Capitol was sparked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists.

In May, he claimed that systemic racism does not exist in the US. In a video posted by he and his wife Shemane, he described “systemic racism” as a “lie”.

Nugent also contracted COVID-19 in April, one week after performing maskless in Florida, and said he’s “never been so scared in all my life” as when he battled the virus.

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